THE SIXTH ALBUM HYPE! We could introduce MOSHIC in many ways, but none of them would be enough to describe this unique & diverse artist from Israel. He’s been touring the world for many years and has established an amazing name for himself as a great performer and an extraordinary studio artist. In an interview for DjMag MOSHIC said: “My main ambitions are to export different kinds of productions that will get special attention on the dance floor.” After 5 official albums, MOSHIC is back with his unique deep progressive sound. The same sound signature that made him popular among the global underground fans.

MOSHIC released his first singles under the Argonout guise. Argonout (Aka Moshic) was his first project and was released on the legendary Cyber records (NL). After more than 300 original releases, hundreds of live international performances around the world, and ranked a few times in DJ Mag the top 100 world dj’s, MOSHIC made a name as one of the best progressive house artists in the world, his unique sounds and the middle eastern elements he is featuring in his productions make him well-known for his own dark style.

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It’s not a surprise that the Guru of electronic music Pete Tong announced MOSHIC on BBC Radio as “The best Israeli thing since the falafel”. But it’s not the end! More is waiting to be published – the fruits of his collaboration with Rui Da Silva for example..

MOSHIC is the owner of the dark progressive house & deep house labels “Contrast” and “Deep Contrast” with classic releases such as “Nanok” , “me myself and life” and “Tokyo Taxi”. MOSHIC established Contrast records with the idea to expose fresh new prog artists from around the globe with the same flavor and style MOSHIC brings to his own label with no compromises.

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