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Airwave LIVE!

Having played an epic Live set @ Phi Phi’s Birthday in Cherry Moon on 21 September, Airwave will be back for more at our newly launched “INSANE” concept on 10 November in Forty Five, Hasselt, Belgium.

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Airwave’s Latest Releases

He has been a very busy man these last few months and it seems there is still more to come from this genius Composer and Performer. Look out for new releases soon!

Airwave Remix of “Cloud” by POB on Platipus.

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“The Wrath of Tambora / Game of Life” on JOOF Recordings.

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Airwave Remix of “Two Full Moons And A Trout” by Union Jack on Platipus.

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AIrwave Remix of “Lullaby” by Gai Barone on Bonzai Progressive.


Airwave playing “INSANE”

“It’s oh so quiet, shh shh… but soon it will be time to go… INSANE!

DJunkee presents a night of Progressive MADNESS, with resident LOONIES Airwave, Nico Parisi, Phi Phi and Antidote.

This totally BONKERS party will also bring you a FRENZY of Special Guests from around the world such as, Gai Barone (Italy) and Thorin (Netherlands).

Come along and get CRAZY with us on Sunday 10th November 2013 at Forty Five in Hasselt, BE.

This INSANE new concept heralds the start of a series of events welcoming LUNATICS from all over the world who are RABID for some MENTAL Progressive Action!

So get up, go out of your mind, go INSANE!”




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