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Nico Parisi’s Latest Release – Caress (Bonzai Progressive)

This latest pearl by Nico Parisi was charted in Beatport’s ‘Top 10 Progressive House Must Hears’ no more than 2 days after being released. It comes with 5 fantastic remixes courtesy of Inkfish, Manu Riga, Philthy Chit, Erik Hubo and Yuriy From Russia.

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Catch Nico Parisi in Action!

In 2013 Nico featured on 15 releases, compilations and EPs alike, he played Tomorrowland and Bonzai Retro and at the closing of this already successful year, Nico Parisi is announced to play at the all-new Versuz Club in Hasselt on Christmas Day. With even more releases and parties on the way, it looks like Nico will be able to top this in 2014.
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