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Prolific artist and DJ, Stefan Melis aka Bountyhunter started his career in 1990 in a very small after club called TGV. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and “Bountyhunter” was born. Released on the brand new up and coming label Bonzai Records in 1992, this single would go on to be a huge success and help in shaping the sound we all know and love today.

Many more releases would follow including “Woops”, “Demilitarized Zone” and “The Return” to name a few. These releases would make a big mark on the Bonzai imprint and propel Bountyhunter into the big time and ensure that when people speak of not only Bonzai but of classics in general, then the name Bountyhunter is always mentioned.

Stefan’s tunes have appeared on many compilations including Bonzai Compilation Chapter I, Bonzai Compilation II – Extreme Chapter, Best Of Bonzai, Midem ’97, Turn Up The Bass and Retro Arena and loads more. He has also teamed up with artists on collaborations such as Chain-Dance and X-Change which saw releases on Bonzai Records from 1992 – 1994.

During this high profile time Stefan was requested at lots of big parties and festivals, Love Parade, Mayday and clubs Cherrymoon, TGV, Montini, Extreme, Planet Hardcore, Eclips and more. He also featured in many Bonzai events all over Europe in countries like Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia and England.

Stefan moved on to Byte Records and enjoyed a lot of releases for a number of years.

Today Stefan also goes by the name of Steve Romani. An alias used for his bigroom, progressive, electro house and EDM productions. Bigbigzoundz Recordings – Steve Romani’s own label- has already seen the likes of many tracks like Woppa, Blue Piano, Silicones in Miami ,…

Now he’s releasing on the brand new Bonzai label Pig Room Trax with his debut single Sexy Bitch, and there is much more to come from his studio “ La Playa de Musica”. You can find more information on Steve Romani via his website.