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Just one more week to go and Bonzai Retro is BACK!

The time has come once again for Europe’s ravers to immerse themselves in a throng of energetic retro sounds. This year Bonzai Retro 2014 takes to the stage for a night of floor pumping classics at one of Belgium’s top venues, the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp, where 2 rooms of sound will be in full effect.

The main room will feature all your favorite big room classics, delivered to you by Belgium’s finest retro masters. The second room will be a full on techno fest as DJ’s from our home grounds will dig into the vaults and dust off those classic collections.

Dig out your oldskool threads and prepare to be blown away by the power of a Bonzai Retro party!

For this year’s event we go back to our origins: Antwerp. The well known Antwerp Expo will be transformed into a true retro party on Saturday the 11th of October 2014.