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Bonzai Retro Line-Up Announced

AIRWAVE: A legend and a hero among an army of fans from every corner of the planet. Airwave continues to be one of those artists who pours his heart and soul into his music and currently he is churning out top notch cuts for JOOF and Bonzai Progressive. With a career spanning two decades he will be banging out heaps of retro trance classics that will keep the energy levels rising. No doubt he will have some surprises up his sleeve so be sure to check him out at Bonzai Retro.

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New Album Audio Noir: Artificial Star

Australian DJ, producer and Bonzai stalwart Audio Noir returns with his latest studio album Artificial Star. This will be the 2nd album from this guy in the space of just over a year. Almost Famous set the bar high and we have no doubt that this time around will be no exception. We spoke to Audio Noir to get a taste of what drove him during this album’s creation and he spoke about how he wanted to employ a subtle theme of space and philosophy. He simply wrote what he felt and consciously wanted to deliver an accessible album that would appeal across the board whilst maintaining his own artistic desires. He also pointed out that the bass heavy, rich sounding Jazz Noir was his favourite and most challenging track to produce alongside the surreal, prog tech driven Drk Mttr. We have no doubt that this album will resonate among many as it takes us on a deep, dark cosmic journey filled with peaks and troughs that keep the imagination sharp.

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Rise And Fall – Blast Pit EP

Beat Talk Records kicks of with its debut release! Rise And Fall who is already making waves in the progressive house scene with releases on Bonzai Progressive, Perfecto Black, Baroque Digital, Particles and more, delivers two driving late night progressive house / techno crossovers. Powerful low-end, crisp and clean percussions, clever synth work and dark hypnotic feel – this is how we like it at Beat Talk! Expect more of this sound from the label in the near future.

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In The Mix 001 by Airwave

Welcome to Bonzai Music’s brand new venture, In The Mix. With so much great music around they thought it was time to offer a new showcase where they could spread only the best music far and wide. To help them along they will be recruiting some top DJ’s to deliver the goodness. They are proud to announce their very first “In The Mix – 001”, from none other than one of the most inspiring and gifted artists of our time, Airwave. When we think of an artist who has remained fully committed to the true origins of musical interpretation then this guy’s name is always one of the first to crop up. He retains such integrity in everything he touches and continues to inspire a generation of music lovers with his special brand of Progressive and Trance. His latest incarnation, A Touch Of Grace is riding high on popular charts and is seeing a lot of playlist time across the world. This 2 part mix is the perfect medium for Airwave to impart his vast musical knowledge onto our senses and allow us to go deep into our souls and discover inner feelings we never even knew we had. Part 1 takes us on a journey into the deeper, darker side of Progressive with an ever increasing intensity that sends shivers down your spine. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of We Are All Astronauts, Rise and Fall, Moshic, Altek, No One & Elliot Duquai, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert, Ewan Rill, Napalm & D-Phrag, Audio Noir, Dark Soul Project, Mathov, Nico Parisi, Blufeld, Solarstone and the man himself, Airwave. Part 2 ramps up the energy levels and builds tough edged, driving grooves into a huge climactic experience, here you can expect top notch tracks and remixes from D.P. Kash, Chris Sheridan, Alex Vidal, Robert Nickson, RNX, Matt Holliday, Kissoff, Sean Tyas, Ewan Rill, Robert Vadney, Alex Di Stefano, Art Of Trance, Rick Pier O’Neil, Facade, Reaky, Synergia Corpo featuring Noxdream Voice, Chris Oblivion & Satinka. Join us as we go In The Mix and let the music set you free.

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Bonzai Retro Is Back!

Beats, Bass and Bonzai, the perfect recipe for the biggest retro event of the year. Yes, Bonzai Retro is back for 2015 and we have a monster party lined up for all your retro needs. This year on the 21st November we are hitting the Waagnatie Expo & Events, Antwerpen with its arched ceilings and cavernous spaces, the perfect setting for getting down with the retro sounds of old school classics. We have a top notch line-up of Belgium’s finest DJ’s who will blow your mind as they select only the best House, Trance, Hard Trance, Techno, Acid and Progressive for your dancing pleasure.

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Spotlight on Moshic

THE SIXTH ALBUM HYPE! We could introduce MOSHIC in many ways, but none of them would be enough to describe this unique & diverse artist from Israel. He’s been touring the world for many years and has established an amazing name for himself as a great performer and an extraordinary studio artist. In an interview for DjMag MOSHIC said: “My main ambitions are to export different kinds of productions that will get special attention on the dance floor.” After 5 official albums, MOSHIC is back with his unique deep progressive sound. The same sound signature that made him popular among the global underground fans.

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Spotlight On Bonzai Music

This is an overview of all the upcoming stages and festivals Bonzai is involved in, so get your gear ready cause the summer party season is now in full swing! BONZAI GOES BERLIN:The 6th edition of Berlin’s biggest dance event is as international and as large as ever. For the first time more than 70 DJs and live acts will perform in 7 area’s in the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport on 13 June 2015. We have received the honour of hosting our own area together with Warehouse. For Bonzai we will have DJ Ghost, Yves Deruyter, Bonzai All Stars, Franky Kloeck (Cherry Moon Trax), Franky Jones and Bountyhunter on the wheels of steel!

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Get your Legacy Gadgets: Apps and Flipflops

Download your copy of the updated Legacy Festival Belgium 2015 mobile app and get all the info in the palm of your hand: read about artists, check the stages, buy tickets & more. The countdown has begun to the 2015 edition of Legacy Festival. We’re happy to announce today that the first 1000 females entering the beach will get a FREE pair of flip flops. This years’ line up includes amongst others: Felix Da Housecat, Ken Ishii, Sash!, DJ Regi, Jan Van Biesen, Bonzai All Stars, Dave Lambert, Yves Deruyter, 2 Fabiola, DJ Wout, DJ F.R.A.N.K, Phi Phi, CJ Bolland, Marko La Rocca, DJ Philip and many more.

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