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As a DJ his vibe is very similar to the music he produces, always enjoying the progressive, deep side of electronic music. As a producer, he has topped industry charts over and over again. His first demo was sent to the prestigious Antler Subway (EMI) and instantly signed up with. Many aliases were used for Nico’s productions such as Aqualords. His most famous remix Nunca’s “House Of Doom” was released on DJ Tiesto’s label, In Trance We Trust. His track Nico Parisi vs Erik “Metro’’ back in 2006 was championed by Armin Van Buuren on his A State of Trance radio show and reached Number 1 on Armin’s dance charts and featured on his live mix “Trance Energy Utrecht “. Nico has also worked with different producers such as Gai Barone, Airwave, Regi Penxten, Manu Riga and Marcel Woods.

After a period as an artist for EMI music Nico signed an exclusive artist contract back in 2013 with the infamous Bonzai Progressive (Bonzai Music label group). with his first release together with Airwave entitled “Romeo & Juliet”, on the newly formed label LCD Recordings (managed by Airwave and John 00 Fleming) In just two years he regularly releases together with Gai Barone , Airwave and material which has been remixed by producers such as, InkFish ,Rise And Fall , Gai Barone, Pole Folder, his works also get recognition from some great DJ’s such as, M.I.KE, Solarstone Paul Oakenfold . This growing success was soon followed with appearances at festivals like the legendary Tomorrowland.

He also takes part as a DJ at Bonzai’s own parties and in 2014 @ ADE (Amsterdam dance Event) for Bonzai Basic Beats Progressive sound. His new double release Forty Jokers & Settimana was released in March 2015 and featured on Beatport with a lot of support and featured on Beatport. Summer 2015 will be exciting with some great gigs and release.

As a respected DJ and producer Nico’s creativity remains as plentiful as ever before, follow Nico on his page with more releases and gigs to be announced.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]